The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Game of Thrones “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Unbelievable

May 18, 2015 — by The Social Clymer



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Game of Thrones “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Unbelievable

May 18, 2015 — by The Social Clymer

Following last night’s developments on Game of Thrones, I just felt I needed to write some of it down. The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for this episode if you haven’t seen it. This post is really more of an invitation to talk about what happened. If you do decide to comment, please remember to keep a civilized tone to the conversation.

The Good: Bronn Sings & Tyrion Humble Brags

Like the books, so many of the great little moments in the series happen on the road. Almost as a nod to buddy films from the ages, Game of Thrones loves to throw unexpected pals together and then develop amazing relationships. In the past, this has happened with Tyrion and Bran, Brienne and Jamie, the Hound and Arya and Brienne and Pod. Last night, the two newest pairings got some air time: Jamie and Bronn and Tyrion and Jorah.

Tyrion and Jorah have long been some of my favorite characters for very different reasons. Tyrion seems to find a way to be meaningful despite the challenges that life continues to throw in his way. Jorah, though, through away all of his advantages and wasted a life of privilege and is bent on finding new meaning in his life. Three key things happened in last night’s episode that helped to deepen their relationship and make their travels more interesting:

  1. Tyrion tells Jorah why he was so far from Westeros. He tells him that he killed his father and ran. This is surprising news to Jorah.
  2. Tyrion, unknowingly, informs Jorah that his own father is dead – killed by his own men in a mutiny beyond the Wall. Tyrion seems truly sorry when he sees that Jorah had not known.
  3. When the slaver wanted to kill Tyrion, cut off his manhood and sell it for its special powers, the Imp cleverly reminds him that he would not be able to prove it came from a dwarf unless he also had the dwarf, because not all of his parts are smaller. The slaver replies with the quote of the night, “The Dwarf lives until we find a cock merchant.” Yikes.


Jamie and Bronn saw the best action of the night as they arrived at the Water Gardens. They joined a caravan after Jamie stopped Bronn from singing a bawdy song about Dorne. When they arrive, they witness Myrcella kissing her intended rather than wasting away waiting for rescue. In that moment, the Sand Snakes sweep in and attack the them. After some pretty good swordplay, the Martell guards swoop in and take everyone into custody. Please more Jamie and Bronn!

The Bad: Cersei Seems to Be Winning & I Hate That

I’ve read the books. I’ve seen all the episodes and there is no one that makes my blood boil on this series like Cersei Lannister. From the first time I saw her in book one or season one, I’ve been waiting to see when she would get her comeuppance. I keep waiting for that shoe to drop, but it never does to my satisfaction. Maybe part of this is because, living in DC, I have met a lot of people who think they are Cersei Lannister. And, all too often, they seem to fail up, just like she does.

In “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Cersei continues her moral support of the arrest and pending trial of Loras Tyrell. Despite his sister’s title as the Queen, he is dragged in front of the clergy to defend himself against the accusation of “buggery.” Though guilty, he says that he has been falsely accused. When Queen Margaery is called testify, she also lies and defends her brother. When a witness is brought in that refutes Loras and Margaery’s testimony, the faithful take both into custody to await full trials. The looks between Cersei and Olenna Tyrell are sure to lead to an even more explosive end soon.


The best part about this bad part was the interaction between Cersei and Olenna.  Now if we can only put them on the road together for awhile, maybe we’d have another great buddy chapter in the series.

What was I saying about Cersei being the worst? Last night may have changed my mind, because…

The Ugly: Ramsay Bolton Is the Worst

I’m still trying to absorb what happened to Sansa. Reading all of the reactions today, it’s easy to see that I’m not the only one. Sansa was..

  • Intimidated (or warned) by Ramsay’s current lover
  • Married to a psychopath (and son of the man who murdered her brother and mother) in a dreary night time ceremony in the snow
  • Given away by the man she thinks killed her brothers
  • And, finally, raped on her wedding night while “Reek” watches through tears in his eyes.

I completely understand how many reviewers were so completely horrified by the end of the episode. (Some so much that they will no longer be covering the show.)

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I turned off the TV and really didn’t know what to say or do for several minutes. Even though I knew what was probably going to happen, I was hoping that Sansa would not let it happen. When I saw Theon/Reek, I was hoping that he would put a knife in Ramsay’s neck. I was hoping that somehow it wouldn’t happen. I really, really thought that something, anything was going to interfere! It just had to! And when it did, my heart was crushed.



I hadn’t felt like that in an episode of Game of Thrones since the beheading of Ned Stark. I was so sure that something would happen in the last minute to save his life. It just had to!

I hope that in future episodes, the rape of Sansa Stark is given its due. Don’t sweep it under the rug. Don’t pretend that it “had” to happen. Make it ugly. Make it difficult. Don’t make it petty.

Here’s hoping that next week will see a little of the comeuppance that some characters have coming. The show could use a little redemption right now.

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