Musical DNA – 1970

September 28, 2014 — by The Social Clymer



Musical DNA – 1970

September 28, 2014 — by The Social Clymer

In part one of my look back at my musical DNA, I’m going all the way back to 1970, the year I was born.  Now, I understand that I was born late in the year AND that there is no way I actually remember one of these songs from actual 1970.  But, they do start my musical DNA.  Many of these songs I heard on the radio for years.  The Jackson 5 was in full force.  The Kinks rocked out Lola.  Bread was melting hearts and The Guess Who was melting faces.  Sly & the Family Stone was thanking mice elves.  It was a great year in music.  You can listen to all of the songs I chose from the Billboard Hot 100 in this Spotify playlist.

(One note: one of my top 5 albums of all time, “Let It Be,” came out in 1970.  Almost every song would have made this list, but only a couple made the top 100 and NONE of them are on Spotify. I might have to make a special Musical DNA post for the Beatles.)

The Music of 1970

Here are my picks from the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970 that I feel have helped shape my love of music.

So, what does that mean to my musical DNA?

After listening through the playlist a few times, you can start to see patterns leading to some of my favorite songs of now.  The equation might look like…


Chairmen of the Board +
Sly and the Family Stone +
Charles Wright


Sugarloaf +
The Guess Who +
Eric Burdon


Har Mar Superstar


Har Mar Superstar might be too literal of a connection to those times, but he’s really great.  He’s got that funk and soul base of Sly, Charles Wright and the Chairmen of the Board combined with the rock grit of Sugarloaf, The Guess Who and Eric Burdon.

So, what do you think?  How has the music of the past affected your musical choices today?


As a bonus, here is a great video from the Wits game show on Minnesota Public Radio that features Har Mar Superstar and David Cross doing battle in a game show.  It’s pretty good.


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