Best of Social: Dodgers @ Giants 7.25.14

July 25, 2014 — by The Social Clymer

Post game note:  How amazing was that?  Puig!  Triples!  Greinke! Kemp! SpeeDee!  It was almost (cough, Maholm, cough) everything we could have wanted from our Dodgers tonight.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures about the game.  Let’s hope tomorrow night is more of the same!

And here’s my favorite tweet of the night…

I’m hoping to put the misery of Pittsburgh behind all of us. Honestly, that was one of the most disappointing stretches of baseball I can remember.

Tonight, the lineup is as close to the one we were promised in spring training.  The big difference is having Puig in center rather than right.  I will try not to cover my eyes the first time a ball needs to be covered out there.  But then again, that’s how I’ve felt about Dodgers outfield defense all year.

Anyway, here are the best Tweets, pictures and other stuff I can find that folks are posting about the game tonight.  Hope to find your post here!