Behind the Scenes at The Price Is Right

June 7, 2014 — by The Social Clymer

Ok, so I haven’t really watched The Price Is Right since I was a kid, but I still thought this was pretty neat from the AV Club.  Get a backstage look at everything that goes on to bring you this time tested game show staple.

While you won’t get classic insider footage of Bob Barker harassing “Barker’s Beauties,” you do get a sense of what makes the show work.  From the first call of “come on down” to an amazing Drew Cam, it’s a very different look at a very familiar show.

What I thought was really interesting early in the video was a contestant that had a game won.  All of the staff knew that she had won and were excited for her.  Then, the contestant changes her mind and everyone’s hearts were breaking for her as she made the mistake.  It’s nice to know that people are really rooting for you.

The video appears to be three hours in length, but really only goes an hour, then has a blank hour followed by a repeat of the first hour.

Whether you like game shows, Drew Carey or just love some great television nostalgia, this is a great watch.

What other classic shows do you wish you could see from behind the curtain?