… and Then I Found Myself at PuddlesPityParty.com

June 2, 2015 — by The Social Clymer



… and Then I Found Myself at PuddlesPityParty.com

June 2, 2015 — by The Social Clymer

It’s a story as old as the Internet. I went to the world wide web for answers, but really just uncovered more questions. Questions like… “Who is Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox?” and “Who has that beautiful baritone voice singing this amazing cover of Sia’s Chandelier?” and “Why is there a really tall clown on my screen?” and “How did I never know that any of this existed!?!”

Let’s start at the beginning…

I was out by the pool on Sunday, basking in the hot sun plugged into Spotify. (This is pretty much where you can find me on any given weekend between now and Labor Day.) I was originally listening to some downtempo indie music and came across an interesting cover. I think it might have been The Wind and The Wave’s “Edge of Seventeen” cover.

Well, that just got me thinking… I would really love to listen to some more interesting covers. After a quick search on cover songs, I was able to find a few playlists. I put my phone back down and resumed my basking position. I heard all sorts of great tunes. There was a cover of the Bee Gee’s “Night Fever” that was pretty amazing. Then, Jack & White covered 90s staple “How’s It Going to Be.” The hits just kept coming.

Then, my headphones lit up with a cover of Sia’s Chandelier. It was a really interesting arrangement with a male lead that sounded like Tom Freakin’ Jones. Yeah… THAT Tom Jones.


That’s a pretty badass combination. I looked at my phone and learned that the song was from an album called Clubbin’ with Grandpa by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. I knew all of those words, but wasn’t quite sure how they all went together. What an amazing sound. Take a listen for yourself.


C’mon. You have to admit. That’s pretty damn good. It maintains the intensity of the original, while adding a classic flavor that makes it sound completely new. I’ve played it so much over the last few days, I’m afraid I’ve made a permanent imprint on my ear drum – you know, like the shadows you get on an old TV because your child watches too much TV and burns a negative of the Mickey Mouse logo onto the corner of the screen.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone…

I had to go looking online for the Postmodern Jukebox. And I found them! So, I learned a bit about Scott Bradlee and his amazing skill at rearranging popular songs in the style of classic genres… like “Such Great Heights” in the style of the Jackson 5, “I Want It That Way” in the style of 70s soul and a jazz version of “All About the Bass.” That’s pretty cool. And, Scott is an amazing piano player with a lot of really talented friends that make all of these arrangements work perfectly. Oh, and they tour! I’m sad that I missed them when they came to one of my favorite local venues – The Birchmere. That would have been pretty fun.

But, when you search for “Chandelier” and Postmodern Jukebox, the result that kept returning involved a video titled “Sad Clown with the Golden Voice.” Well, that doesn’t sound like Scott and his thing at all! I kept skipping around it thinking it couldn’t be the right video. I was wrong. It was totally the right video. And,while NOT what I was expecting, it’s kind of a whole new level of amazing!

Meet Puddles

So, after the initial shock of finding a clown singing my new favorite song, I started doing a little more digging. Turns out that clown is a talented man named Michael Geier.

Geier invented the role of Puddles in Atlanta as part of an all-clown band called Greasepaint. I can only imagine how terrifying that would have been. But, he maintained the persona and developed a show to go around it. HIs amazing voice combined with the distinct makeup and his impressive 6’8″ frame make him an entertainment force. YouTube is full of his performances – in clubs, on the street and even as a surprise guest on a radio station. His talent is undeniable. What can I say, I’m a fan!

The Internet is a funny and scary place. And that’s how I found myself at PuddlesPityParty.com.  I’ll be watching the upcoming tour dates for the Postmodern Jukebox and Puddles. How about you?

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